The historic mission of the nations is not always haloed by the same glamor. There are nations whose role in history is so obvious that nobody has ever thought to question it. But there are also less happy nations, who perform quite disagreeable missions without anybody noticing it. A discreet, obscure role like the one played by the Daco-Romans descendants, the Romanians.

Ignored, or misunderstood at the best, the life of these nations is more intense. In addition to its tragism, their history is transfigured, one may say, by a permanent divine presence. These people do not know the respite, calmness and joy of creating in time. Incessantly attacked, they can only think while defending themselves. Their history is more than a series of struggles for independence or honour: it is a permanent war, for centuries on end, for their own survival! In each battle they risk losing everything: their right to life, to religion, to their language and culture, God is by their side each moment, because each moment they run the risk of disappearing for good and all.

The Romanians will assume that role, a role that is not manifest in European history; they will know the tragedy of living each moment of their life as if it were the last. A frontier people, the Romanians were subject to the most terrible barbarian invasions during the period they formed as a people, only to have, once they had organized their State, to cope with another big Asiatic threat – the Turks – for centuries on end. Nowadays, the historians discover the tragedy of the Romanians, which bled for five centuries in order to prevent the Islamic colossus from penetrating into the heart of Europe.

Romania has been relatively unknown as a tourist destination until the fall of the Communist Regime. News and facts from behind the Iron Curtain have been hard to get. Occasionally, an exceptional athlete or a great artist will perform superbly or defect to the West, thus bringing the country to the spotlight of the international press. Names like Nadia Comaneci or Constantin Brancusi are now part of the world heritage, but not a lot of people know that they, amongst many others, are Romanians.

In 1989, the Romanian communist regime and it’s dictator have been the last to fall. They didn’t go down easily,  and the Romanian Revolution became the first ever televised.  Since the fall of the of the Iron Curtain, Romania has been struggling to find it’s place in the international community, going through reforms and restructuring of the society and the economy.

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