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Helping the world DISCOVER ROMANIA – Crif Tours

CRIF TOURS is tour operator I incorporated in 1992 and specialized in custom made tours for small groups and individuals. This means that each trip is designed together with the customer and “tailored” according to its wishes and particular interests.


I am the owner and manager of the company, a tour guide with 22 years of experience. Over the last few years I have helped many foreigners discover Romania


My 22 years of experience working with seasoned travelers taught me to listen to what the traveler really wants to learn and see. I believe in dedicated, quality services. Being a fierce patriot and very proud of my history and heritage, I do my tours with intensity and pleasure. My experience in “customizing” trips is consistent. Extensive travel in the country, both on the main roads and side roads, has given me the ability to not only design a complete tour in an hour or so, but to adapt and change a running tour while “on the move” based on the customer’s requests and desires.


I like to go off the main roads, into small villages and hamlets, where time seems to have stopped, to discover small communities and old handicraft workshops and to talk with the ordinary people. To me, just driving to places and showing things is not guiding. A real tour guide should be able to listen, see, and even feel his customers. He must be able to create and maintain a good atmosphere along the trip, involving the travelers in the activities, immersing them in the spirit of the places. One of the things that I always repeat to myself is: “These people are coming from halfway around the world and paying a lot of money for it, so give them what they want!”


Most of our tourists are North Americans, brought through our own ads in the International Travel News travel magazine and our web site. The rest of our customers are occasional, through hotels concierges. We are currently one of the advertisers in the INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NEWS MAGAZINE ( )