Reservation and invoicing

  • An agreed deposit (of no less than 20% of the total fee) wil be required to be paid in order to secure the reservation.
  • Once the deposit is received, the reservations is considered locked in place and concluded.
  • An invoice will be issued for the paid deposit, with the balance due clearly marked.
  • The invoice will list all services, fees and charges that form the tour package, including the funds transfer charges.

Payment for services can be made as follows:

-          credit card charge

-          wire transfer to our account

-          PayPal

-          Cash

Note: All costs and charges of the payment transactions belog to the tourist (wire transfer, paypal, credit card). The balance due will be paid on arrival.

Cancellation policy:

  • Tours cancelled within 30 calendar days (including) of the starting date will be refunded fully, minus the bank charges.
  • Tours cancelled between 30 to 10 calendar days (including) of the starting date will be refunded with a 20% (of the deposit amount) cancellation fee +  the bank charges.
  • Deposits for tours cancelled with less than 10 calendar days from the starting date will not be refunded.

General Terms:

  • No services can be added or deleted from the agreed itinerary without the express agreement of the contracting traveller.
  • The agreed itinerary can only be changed in the following circumstances:
  1. by the tourist:

-          after consulting with the tour operator about the logistics and the costs involved in the itinerary change.

-          after accepting these changes and paying whatever cost differences are involved.

  1. by the tour operator

-          only in cases of force majeure, involving or concerning issues that migh affect the integrity or health of the tourists, road conditions or political or social unrest, extreme weather, and after consulting and agreeing with the tourist.

-          these will be presented to the tourists and a solution will have to be agreed by the tourists.