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  1. Professor Judy Findlay says:

    Thank you Cristian!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Several of the group attended a beautiful Christmas concert at the home of the Romanian Ambassador this week. The concert consisted of ancient Romanian carols as well as modern US jazz. It was a great evening. I spoke with the Ambassador and told him about our wonderful visit to Romania. Thanks again for all you did to make it such a memorable experience. Warm regards, Judy Judith M. Findlay, Ed.D. Phone: 703-845-1131 Fax: 703-931-4896

  2. Mike Tennenbaum says:

    Hi Chris, I hope ll is well and that you are very busy. I still talk about our Romanian tour to everyone who will listen. In fact, I’ve gotten numerous phone calls from potential travellers ( from Barbara) asking lots of questions. I am tempted to give them your email directly, but I do not want to risk your losing any work with Barbara and Original World. Those who do not say they are from her, I give your web site. Things here are busy, but not too busy that I can’t plan my next vacation. This summer I would like to spend 10-14 days in Croatia. Any suggestions? I was in Iceland this past October for 5 days which was plenty… not too much to do after that. How are things with you? Hopefully you are leading many other groups. Any luck with the “University of Transylvania” T-shirts,beer steins, etc.? Wishing you and your family a healthy and prosperous New Year. Your friend, Mike& nbsp; Tennenbaum

  3. Mrs. Flora Cheung says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your information. We just back to Hong Kong this afternoon. We selected Mr. Cristian Florea from your list for our tour guide in Romania. We were satified and appreciated his professional service and tailor made itinerary for us. 3 of us were happy during our trip even in Winter Season.

  4. Joseph and Rina Rubinstein says:

    Hello Cris In primul rand vreau sa-ti multumesc pentru excursia nespus de frumoasa condusa si organizata de tine in Romania cu castelele si manastiriile unice. Am petrecut o saptamana interesanta si extraordinar de placuta in locurile care le-am vizitat cu grupul nostru. Va doresc multa sanatate si urari de bine tie si familiei. Va trimit cu aceasta ocazie cateva poze din orasul nostru, Haifa Sincere salutari Joseph si Rina Hello Cris, First of all I wanted to thank you so much for the exquisite trip you led our group in, with the uniques castles and monasteries. We’ve spent a great week and we’ve seen so much. Thank you and all the best to you and you family. Best of luck! Joseph and Rina Rubinstein:

  5. Bill and Frances Lovelace says:

    Dear Cristian,
    We hope you and your family had a relaxing week in Greece! Thank you again for our wonderful tour of Romania. It was the highlight of our vacation, and one of the best travel experiences we’ve ever had. Your knowledge of “everything Romanian”, the history, lovely cities and villages, and beautiful mountain scenery will stay with us forever. We look forward to returning sometime, so that we can do another tour with you—to revisit some places and explore new ones, too. Until then, we have the CDs you gave us to share with others and remind us of our special week with you.
    Warmest regards to you and your family,
    Bill and Frances Lovelace:

  6. L B & F N Cummings says:

    Dear Mr. Hennessy,

    Thanks for inviting us to comment on the arrangements provided by Trailfinders.

    Our trip went well and was very enjoyable. We found Trailfinders to be efficient and professional in their dealings with us.

    However, back in February when we booked our trip through Traifinders we were looking to do a tour of Romania as well as a tour of central Europe.
    Trailfinders was not able to help us with a suitable Romanian tour, so we had to research this ourselves over the web. Eventually we settled on “The Classic Tour of Romania” offered by Crif Tours who are based in Bucharest.

    If Trailfinders wants to add a selection of Romanian tours to its product range we would recommend that you contact Cristian Florea who runs Crif Tours and see if mutually agreeable arrangements can be made. Cristian is energetic, has an entrepreneurial outlook and is looking to expand his tour business. We found him to be ethical and reliable.

    The tour itself was exceptionally interesting and informative, but I won’t bore you with a travelogue. Turning to the itty gritty, given our preconceptions of Romania and especially rural Romania, we were agreeably surprised at the high standard of the hotels and quality of the meals. The hotels were of a similar standard to Trafalgar Tours hotels. The 8-seater mini-van gave a comfortable ride and had zoned air conditioning.

    It turned out that we were the only 2 booked on the tour, so we had Cristian as our driver and guide. He displayed an encyclopedic knowledge of Romania’s history and art coupled with infectious enthusiasm for his country. We cannot speak too highly of him. He speaks excellent English, now with a few Aussie slang expressions after a fortnight with us. Most of his current clients are from the USA.

    I brought some of Cristian’s brochures back with me to give to any friends who were interested in touring Romania and have enclosed 6 in case you want to distribute one to each of your offices. Crif’s website at is comprehensive.

    If you or one of your colleagues wants to talk to me about any aspect of our tour or our dealings with Crif Tours please feel free to email or phone me.

    Yours faithfully,
    L. B. Cummings:

  7. Article published in International Travel News Magazine, March 2004 says:

    Guide in Romania:
    We did a couple of tours of Romania with a young guide, Cristian Florea (Crif Tours, Strada Aleea Valea ViilorNr. 2, Bloc. A53, Ap. 46, Sector 6, Bucuresti 77409, Roma­nia; phone/fax 444 01 64, e-mail or visit
    His English is flawless, he is extremely knowledgeable and he can take you to some very unusual areas. I contacted several people he gave as references and all spoke very highly of him.
    In May 2003, Cris drove four of us in a van for 11 or 12 days for about $1,200 each, including our hotels (the best available), breakfasts and entry fees. This was a wonderful trip all the way up north to the border.
    My family is planning a trip to ""Romania to look up our roots. In June 03 in Bucharest at the end of a cruise. Cris drove the two of us as we did research for this trip, locating the villages in which my parents were born; we never would have found them on our own. The day trip cost us S200. and this was a 12- or 13-hour day.
    Cris can customize any tour you may want. I was so very pleased with him that we have now sched­uled our 2004 family trip with him.
    Now is the time to do Romania, before it becomes too touristy and while prices for meals and hotels are very reasonable.
    Seattle, WA

  8. Marilyn Hargan says:

    You have made ROMANIA alive and interesting for me. May God keep you safe and well.
    Thank you!

  9. Lou & Heith Noess says:

    Dear Chris,
    I want to thank you for a wonderful tour of Romania. You have certainly openened our eyes. A very beautiful country, friendly people and very economical.
    You made the tour so very interesting and I am glad you are so enthusiastic about your own country.

    Best to you,
    Lou & Keith Noess:

  10. John & Phyllis Brimhall says:

    Dear Chris,
    We want to express our sincere thanks and appreciationfor all you did for us. Once again you have taken us on a wonderful tip through Romania.
    We greatly enjoyed the many new things and scenery as well as revisiting familiar sights. Our best wishes you you and your family. John & Phyllis Brimhall:

  11. David Preston says:

    Hi Chris

    Just a short note to say thanks for the discs you left for me at the hotel. Beautiful pictures! I’m back home now but wishing I wasn’t. My last 3 days in Bucharest were most enjoyable thanks to the good weather and the low price of beer! Many thanks for all the help and advice you gave me and I hope that the coming tourist season will be a very successful one.
    I wish you luck.

    David Preston—

  12. Jacqui and Brian Newton says:

    In April 2005 the four of us were privileged to be taken on a guided tour in Chris's minibus around Bucharest and Transylvania. We were able to share his enthusiasm, impressive knowledge and cheerful personality, all of which made the trip highly pleasurable. We are in no doubt that this is by far the best way to be introduced to Romania and we are looking forward to a return visit to the country in 2006 with Chris as our guide. We were able to appreciate the beautiful landscape and the cultural and political history of Transylvania through this fascinating tour.

    Many thanks from all of us for a memorable day.

  13. Margaret Feige says:

    Dear Chris,
    Thank you for being our guide on the outstanding Prahova Valley Tour. We enjoyed the entire day immensely, from your interesting commentary to the mesmerizing views of the mountains and castles. We will highly recommend this tour to our colleagues who will be traveling to Romania in the coming months. Your vast knowledge of history and every day Romanian life have added more to our visit than anything that we could have seen on our own.

    As we discussed, please email me a receipt for our records.

    Thanks again & best regards,
    Margaret Feige:

  14. Prof. Judy Findlay says:

    Thank you Cristian!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Several of the group attended a beautiful Christmas concert at the home of the Romanian Ambassador this week. The concert consisted of ancient Romanian carols as well as modern US jazz. It was a great evening. I spoke with the Ambassador and told him about our wonderful visit to Romania. Thanks again for all you did to make it such a memorable experience.

    Warm regards,

    Judith M. Findlay, Ed.D.
    Phone: 703-845-1131
    Fax: 703-931-4896

  15. Mr. Hok Gouw says:

    Hello Cristian,

    We have now been home for a fortnight and we still remember with pleasure the time we spent with you as our tour-guide through Romania. That was an excellent trip and we enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

    I told you that I have a private website where I publish the journals of some of my trips. Our Romania trip is in it too. You can see it at

    I hope the information I gave there is mostly correct. In it there is a link to your website when I wrote about you. You may also wish to put a link to my website somewhere in your website. And I will be recommending you to friends and acquaintances.

    Take care and good luck – hok g. :
    Phone: 703-845-1131
    Fax: 703-931-4896

  16. Bernard and Peggy Berich says:


    The Fabulous Fall Foliage edition of the Classic Tour of Romania offered by Romtours in October 2004 was outstanding! The cities and towns, painted monasteries, fortified churches and castles were all fascinating, and worth a journey by themselves. The scintillating stands of golds, reds and oranges of the trees on the mountain and hillsides were absolutely incredible. They bested even our famed New England foliage for intensity. As a topper Cristian Florea proved a great guide and a great travel companion. We believe this trip offered excellent value and will be remembered by us for years to come.

    Bernard and Peggy

  17. Barbara & John Hunt says:

    Hello Cristian,

    Thank you so much for a wonderful tour of Romania, called a Touch of Transylvania. This tour exceeded our expectations. We admire your command of English and your attention to detail. We relished the care you took in planning this trip and appreciated your pampering. We thoroughly enjoyed riding through your beautiful country, especially since you did all the driving. You arranged for us to stay in the best hotels, recommended wonderful restaurants, and made the entire trip interesting and relevant with your stories. It is clear that you love your country, that you know your history, and that you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others.

    The pictures turned out well and as soon as we can get them labeled and onto a CD, we will send it to you.

    Please feel free to use any of the above comments for your web site. We are pleased to recommend this tour with your company to anyone.

    Please give us the web address for the International tour magazine. We want to send them an article.

    Hope this finds you and your family doing well and your business thriving.

    Barbara and John:Barbara@HUNTCASA.COM

  18. George R. and Wilma E. Kramer says:

    When my wife and I started planning a trip to Romania and speciffically to Transylvania, where my parents were born, we discovered most large tour groups could not stop at locations where we needed to do our research. Our daughter contated Crif Tours – Cristian Florea – through the Internet and started making arrangements. We are very pleased with the outcome. Chris is very flexible and can arrange a tour to the client's needs and convenience. We find Chris to be completely honest and knowledgeable. With his direction we were able to discover more information on my ancestors than we thought possible. We will reccomend Crif Tours and Chris to anyone who may plan to come to Romania for pleasure or business. We think they will be well rewarded.
    George R. and Wilma E. Kramer:

  19. Janet and Bill Clayman says:

    In May, 2001, we went on a "roots" discovery trip to Romania. Chris Florea of CRIF tours planned an itinerary that accomodated our requests, made contact with the Jewish community in major cities, and was helpful in every way. He is competent, knowledgeable, flexible and fun to be with. We recommend his services without reservation. email:

  20. Pierre Bergeron says:

    I went to Bucharest for 5 days in a business trip in April 2001. Having not much time to visit and to know more about Bucharest and the country, I was refered to Cristian Florea from Crif Tours. After a three hours of visit of Bucharest I was very impressed by the professionnalist of Cristian. When I will return to Romania I will use again Cristian. Autant francophone bilingue (anglais) Cristian parle un excellent anglais de sorte qu'il a etait tres facile de comprendre toutes ses explications sur l'histoire de la Roumanie. Salutations Cristian et bonne chance!

  21. Art Zeile says:

    My wife and I enjoyed an absolutely incredible tour with Christian on our stay in Romania. Chris gave us the “insiders” view of each city taking us to landmarks, cultural events and restaurants we would have never found on our own. Chris speaks fluent English and made every day an adventure. It was invaluable! A trip we will always cherish! I highly recommend Christian as your travel guide.

  22. Michael Tennenbaum says:

    Hey Chris:
    I just wanted to touch base with you and say thanks for one of the best vacations/adventures ever. Having traveled to the 4 corners of the globe, I consider myself an experienced trekker. My Romanian vacation ranks up there in the top 10 world destinations. It is truly one of Europe's best kept secrets. While eveyone is squeezing into Prague or Budapest, we had Sighisoara,Sibiu, and Brasov to ourselves. I also want to commend you on your professionalism and expertise. Your knowledge of Romanian history and culture is second to none, only being surpassed by your concern for our comfort and well being. You are truly THE BEST. I am recommending you and your company to everyone I know. If you would like to have any potential clients contact me for a reference, you can give my e-mail address ( ) or my phone # (516)698-6367. Again, thanks for a GREAT time, and I hope to see you again for another Romanian Holiday.

    All the best, Michael

  23. Don Fitzgibbons says:

    On three separate trips to Romania on official business with the US Embassy I was guided by Crif Tours. Thanks to my guide I had a fabulous time and saw and learned Romania from the sights and sounds to the culture and people. I reccommend Cristian without reservation.
    Don Fitzgibbons:

  24. Del and Eloise Larson says:

    We took an independent 14 day tour of Romania with Chris Florea of Crif Tours in September, 1999. Romania is a developing country in transition. It is full of old-world charm, traditions, folklore and a variety of unusual sights which makes each day's travel a unique experience. We highly recommend Chris Florea's services. He is dependable, knowledgeable about Romanian history and speaks fluent English. Del and Eloise Larson:

  25. George E. Leigh says:

    During 1994 I visited Romania three times. My group and I enjoyed tours provided by Crif Tours on several occasions. The tours were customized to our desires and the tour guides were very knowledgeable. We saw Romania in an entirely new light, especially enjoying the beautiful old buildings and churches in the cities, the great scenary in the mountains, and the very friendly people.

  26. H Prior says:

    Many thanks for taking us to Peles Castle and showing us some of your beautiful country. We had a great day and learnt a good deal about Romania and its history. We are looking forward to vsiiting again and will be in touch to sort out a trip to explore more. In the interim we’ll be stydying your website!

  27. cristiflorea says:

    Dear Chris:

    Ken and I want to thank you for providing us with a most memorable guiding tour of Romania. We were so taken with the beauty of the sights, the warmth and hospitality of the people and the delicious food and wine & beer. We appreciated your historical knowledge and your expertise in architectural matters as well. They were so helpful in putting churches, monasteries, castles and fortresses into context. Your explanations truly enriched our experience. It was a real treat to be able to travel in your spacious air conditioned van and the leisurely drives allowed us to take in the beauty of the hills, valleys and mountains. We also thank you for the CD you dropped off at the hotel in Bucharest, a nice touch and surprise.

    Sincerely, Marina Giurescu & and Ken Vlah (

  28. Bec Page says:

    Dear Chris,

    Thank you for an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING 4 days. Without a doubt one of the best trips I have ever been on. From start to finish, Chris was an absolute professional, a wonderful guide, very kind and knowledgeable, and above all, a very fun person to chat to and laugh with. Whether you are 18, or 80, you will get along with Chris, he is the best! This trip exceeded all of our expectations. It’s not just the towns that are beautiful, but the drives in between towns, the scenery is SPECTACULAR, it’s just an experience that you would not get if you didn’t go with a professional. From my obsessions to buying a magnet in every town we passed, to finding an electronics store when we needed a new battery for our camera, Chris made sure everything was sorted.

    When Chris dropped us back in Bucharest for our flight back to London, we all felt a little bit lost without his guidance!

    Thanks Chris for an unforgettable 4 days – can’t wait to come back!
    Bec 

  29. Long Tang says:

    Dear Chris

    Thank you again for an absolutely eye opening and incredible 4 days in Transylvania. From the very moment you picked is up to when we were dropped off back in Bucharest, you were a wealth of information and knowledge that only sometime who had such an extensive background and passion for history could sustain.

    Not only the history of each site and attraction but also politics, culture and life under communism in Romania. You made even long road journeys interesting due to the history lesson we were given along the way. One of the highlights was the 3 hour session we had on the story and man behind Dracula over dinner one night. We were all spellbound.

    I highly recommend having Christianas your guide. It was one if the best trips I’ve been on. He makes the entire experience seamless and fascinating. Not only is he knowledgeable on just about anything but also a professional and all around nice easy going guy who will do his best to make the most of your holiday.

    Looking forward to coming back and exploring another part of Romania with you Christian!


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